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WorldSkills Poland brings together the brightest and the most talented students from Poland to compete in the prestigious ‘Skills Olympics’. This year, Team Poland will be heading to WorldSkills Kazan 2019 to battle for their chance to be crowned world champion in their chosen skill. 


Mateusz Dąbrowski | Mechatronics

No. 1 General and Technical Secondary School Complex in Warsaw

A student of a Mechatronics School, passionate about engineering. A competitor in Euroskills competition held in Budapest in September 2018.

Ever since I was little, I wanted to know how my moving toys worked. Over the years, I became curious about the principles of operation of various other devices. I have chosen mechatronics because it gives me the opportunity to further develop my skills in several related disciplines like electronics, information technology, mechanics, automatics and robotics. This field of study also gives me the possibility to take up a job after the Secondary Technical School, because I have qualifications at hand, even if I decide not to go to the University.

Przemysław Krasnodębski | Mechatronics

No. 1 General and Technical Secondary School Complex in Warsaw

A laureate of the Młody Innowator competition and school PLC programming competitions, CAD 2D programming competitions and mechatronics competitions. A competitor in Euroskills competition held in Budapest in September 2018.

Since my childhood, I have been passionate about mechatronics, having been inspired and influenced by my dad who is a technician. Crazy, in the positive sense, about mechatronics, I love all the DIY activities. As a 12 year old boy, I took apart my first household appliance.

Sylwia Leszczyńska | Floristry

The Białystok University of Technology

A student  of landscape architecture at the Białystok University of Technology, a graduate of the Floral Academy – a prestigious floristry school. For several years, she has worked in the Girlanda family business; a florist shop in Białystok. She was a competitor at the Euroskills competition organised in Budapest in September 2018.

My adventure with floristry began in a florist shop run by my mum (we still work there together). With time, I have started to develop my interest, searched for new ideas, attended major events, trade shows and training courses run by world famous floristry masters. Step by step, apart from being my job, floristry has also become my passion and now I cannot live without.  

Agnieszka Marynowska | Fashion Technology

Industrial School in Bielsko-Biała

A winner of International Sewing Championship of Poland 2019, the National Competition for Young Designers and Tailors Szmaragdowy guzik 2018. The second place winner of the 100 lat awangardo! competition held in 2017.

I have been fascinated by sewing clothes since I was a little girl. It is fantastic to create something from nothing and I can do just that, preparing collections from unused scraps of fabrics. I am passionate about it and I want to make this my professional career. I have participated in numerous fashion shows and sessions with my collections. I have also completed an internship in Barcelona in the Mercedes Mestre flamenco dress shop. It is fantastic that I can travel and pursue my passion at the same time.

Patryk Rudź | CNC Milling

The State School of Higher Professional Education in Chełm

A third year student at the Faculty of Production Engineering interested in metalworking.

I have always been interested in science, so I have chosen a path close to my interests.
During the last holidays I had the opportunity to work as a volunteer in a production plant, where I was introduced to various types of machines and was able to further define my interests in the field of CNC milling.
After graduation, I would like to work on CNC milling machines – at first as their operator, and later as a technologist programmer.

Sebastian Zwierzchowski | Welding

No. 1 Vocational and Continuing Education and Training Centre in Gdańsk

A student of No. 2 trade (lower secondary) school at no. 1 Vocational and Continuing Education and Training Centre in Gdańsk specialising as a vessel hull assembler. An apprentice at the Stocznia Gdańsk S.A. 

It is by a sheer coincidence that I chose this specialisation. I did it under the influence of my father who was pitching this job as full of perspectives. It is one of few jobs demanded even in the times of crisis. Besides, it is very well paid. I will be able to work in diversified plants, as the skills I possess are needed when working on any sophisticated structure with metal elements. Building structure elements, car body elements, ships, chairs and washing machines cannot be made without welders. So I will keep myself busy and will improve my welding skills throughout my career.

Maciej Pisarek | Cooking

A graduate of the Febronia Gajewska Catering School Complex in Gorzów Wielkopolski

A winner of the Excellence Medal at EuroSkills 2018 in Budapest and the Best of Nation medal. A competitor and laureate of numerous culinary competitions for amateurs and professionals.

Kitchen has always been close to me and I have been close to the kitchen. As a child I liked to be near my grandma or mum when they were cooking, and it stuck. Catering has been a natural choice to me because, simply, it has always been fun. I was also lucky to meet people who inspired me and showed that it was worth to do one’s best. It is enough to combine school knowledge with ambition and self-discipline. If you love what you do, you will never have to work.

Tomaszewski Piotr | BIM

Warsaw University of Technology

A graduate of Construction specialisation at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology, a participant in the Multidisciplinary Interfaculty BIM Project.

I am mainly interested in industrial construction – steel production halls, production plants, high bay warehousing.
After graduating from the first cycle studies and being awarded engineer’s degree , I intend to earn master’s degree in the same specialisation. At present, I undergo my work placement in a design office working as a designer assistant.

Mateusz Frydrych | BIM

Warsaw University of Technology

A graduate of Construction specialisation at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology, a participant in the Multidisciplinary Interfaculty BIM Project and many training courses focussing on methodology based on the Building Information Modelling.

I am interested in the digitalisation of engineering constructions models and assigning them complete information, which later is translated into the optimisation of design works on the building structure. In my free time, I like to read, travel and learn to play musical instruments.

Paweł Danak | Mobile Robotics

The Professor Franciszek Leja School Complex in Grodzisk Górny

Passionate about robotics, a laureate of ECER (European Conference on Educational Robotics) competition and Botball 2018, a laureate of the Polish edition of the First Lego League 2018 competition.

I have been competing in autonomous robots competitions for several years, visiting many countries at the same time. Foreign travels encourage integration, so I got to know many interesting people and practised languages. I successfully competed in many international competitions, I was awarded prizes or became a laureate. This time, I decided to compete in a mobile robots’ competition. I am very excited about it. Every new experience is priceless, as it will certainly pay off in the future.  

Agnieszka Pytel | Mobile Robotics

The Professor Franciszek Leja School Complex in Grodzisk Górny

Fan of robotics, a laureate of ECER (European Conference on Educational Robotics) competition and Botball 2018, was awarded the SPIRIT OF AERIAL prize, a laureate the Polish edition of the First Lego League 2018 competition.

Because our school is so involved in robotics, we can take part in competitions, visit new countries and learn about their cultures. Thanks to successes in international robotics competitions, we can be admitted to better schools and universities. Robotics has helped me develop manual skills and programming-oriented thinking, which are useful in everyday life.


Marcin Berta | CNC Milling

A graduate of the Mechatronics Faculty at the Warsaw University of Technology. Involved in machining for years. The author of numerous papers and designer of software related to geometrical tolerancing ISO 1101. A participant of many machining conferences and seminars, a populariser of this field among young people.  

Since 2017, a representative of DMG MORI Polska for Education Centres in Poland, working on the development of educational and training centres. A Polish expert in Euroskills competition held in Budapest in September 2018.

Ewa Fodczuk | Fashion Technology

Painter, educator, cultural event organiser. She practices arts education teaching clothes design and computer graphics classes at the Industrial School in Bielsko-Biała. She is the originator of several social initiatives, to mention: Ciuch w ruch, Kuchnia Artystyczna and Targowisko Próżności Niezależnych Projektantów. In the years 2002-2004, she run the Farbiarnia TOTamTO Club known for offering a range of diversified musical, theatrical and artistic activities.

In the years 2011-2018, the President of the Bielska Gallery Foundation renown for supporting artists who create murals in the urban space. An expert from Poland during the Euroskills competition held in Budapest in September 2018.

Jakub Polański | Mobile Robotics

One of the most experienced members of robotics club in Grodzisk. Participated in numerous nationwide and international competitions, where he gained experience in construction techniques. Member of the team who contributed to achievements such as TopBot (first place and promotion to world finals) and Botball competitions (as the first non-American team winning the Double Elimination, several medals for construction, high positions in general classifications).

Student of AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. He still supports the club, acting as a jury member in the Poland-wide GG Robot competition organised by the school.

Karolina Ładyżyńska-Skrzypek | Floristry

A holder  of master’s degree in in horticulture (SGGW) with specialisation in ornamental plants. She designs and produces artisan jewellery. A master of floristry, freelancer, owner of the Green Sense florist studio in Warsaw.

A Florint floristry judge, a chairman of the examination board at the Mazowsze, Kurpie and Podlasie Crafts Chamber. A member of the jury of regional and Poland’s championships organised by the Polish Florists Association. She also took a seat in the Technical Jury at the Youth European Championship in Floristry Eurofleurs 2017 in Belgian SintTruiden.

Her works have been repeatedly chosen and photographed in International Floral Art magazine. In September 2018, she acted as an expert from Poland during the Euroskills competition in Budapest.

Iwona Niemczewska | Cooking

The owner and chef of the Z Drugiej Strony Lustra restaurant. Among her achievements are the highest level of Grand Diplome in Le Cordon Bleu, a French culinary school in London and the completion of professional training programme in the Institute Paul Bocuse in Lyon.  

Iwona is a member of WACS – the World Association of Chefs Societies and the Slow Food International, and an international culinary judge and coach. She writes cooking and travelling columns for trade magazines.

In 2018, Iwona Niemczewska was awarded the title of the best female chef in Poland by the international culinary Yellow Guide Gault and Millau. In September 2018, she acted as an expert from Poland during the Euroskills competition in Budapest.

Paweł Nowak | BIM

Deputy Dean for Development, a lecturer at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology, a promotor of projects related to the education of construction managers and development of managerial skills (including BIM) across the EU (to mention CLOEMC projects).

The head teacher of the “BIM in practice” course at the Civil Engineering Faculty, a member of a task group dedicated to the development of the BIM learning path for civil engineering faculties at Polish HEIs. A member of the Chartered Institute of Building and the Polish Committee for the Monitoring of the EURBE (European Building Expert), developed by AEEBC (the Association of European Experts in Building and Construction).

Norbert Olczykowski | Welding

A chief welder in the CRIST OFFSHORE company in Gdynia, which manufactures offshore steel structures. Worked in a Repair Shipyard and Polish Ship Register as a welding specialist. He has 15 years of experience in welding coordination.

Marek Szymkiewicz | Mechatronics

A mechatronics engineer, constructor, industrial electrician and mechanic, inventor, trainer at numerous professional development training courses for adults and youth.  

For more than 10 years he has been involved with FESTO Didactic (as a lecturer, consultant and author / co-author of many FESTO training materials). He conducts training courses in the field of binary and proportional pneumatics/electro-pneumatics, sensor technology, PLC programming in LD, GRAFCET/SFC languages and robot programming based on the Mitsubishi MELFA Basic.

Team leaders

Paweł Salomon

Team Leader

A chef at the Smolarnia Hotel and a teacher of vocational subjects at the Catering School Complex in Gorzów Wielkopolski.  

A laureate of many culinary competitions, including the Culinary Cup of Poland – the most prestigious culinary competition in Poland.

He has creating organisational structures of WorldSkills Poland for two years now, acting as a Team Leader and the coach of Maciej Pisarek – a Cooking competitor.

Roman Matuszek

Junior Team Leader

The head teacher of Professor Franciszek Leja School Complex in Grodzisk Górny in the Podkarpacie region. A robotics enthusiast. Has been working with young people as a teacher at primary and lower secondary schools for 25 years. He teaches robotics and programming. His students, who develop their interests in the Robotics Club, have successfully competed in many Poland-wide and international robotics and programming tournaments, achieving international successes.


dr Paweł Poszytek | Official Delegate

General Director, Foundation for the Development of the Education System

I am very pleased to welcome WorldSkills Poland team, experts, coaches and partners!

We have several reasons to be proud. These eleven competitors selected to represent Poland during WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan have already boasted considerable achievements on the national arena and have proven that with passion, commitment and determination, you can make your dreams come true.

The Foundation for the Development of the Education System is pleased that we can support these talented people and motivate them to develop and present their skills. Competing for the title of the world champion in various skills competitions, they act as ambassadors of Polish talent on the international arena. During training organised as part of preparations for this international challenge, our youth have enjoyed the support and used a wealth of advice provided by leading specialists from companies and valued coaches.

We have offered our competitors the opportunity to sharpen their skills during training and competitions in China, Russia, Germany, Scotland, Finland and France, where they were supervised by top experts from all over the world.

We want to thank all the experts, coaches, training institutions, head teachers, university authorities and employers for supporting our competitors. Without your invaluable support, our students would not have been able to participate in this unique event.

Vocational Education and Training is a road to professional success and breeding ground for young, well-qualified specialists. The competition itself is very inspiring, as it shows how top quality vocational education and training, cooperation between education and entrepreneurs coupled with students’ hard work can be a starting point for an excellent career. Moreover, experience gained in the competition is invaluable for preparing students for acquiring skills and knowledge indispensable for future work. Many of them find attractive jobs in prestigious companies with global reach.

Poland’s participation in the WorldSkills competition offers hands on experience of global trends, requirements set for modern industry staff who are graduates of VET schools. This is an excellent promotion, great opportunity for scouting talents and making thousands of competition spectators aware of the fact that being a top welder, fashion technologist, cook or mechatronics technician is not only about discovering talent, but also practicing willpower and acting as the president of your own company.  This is an excellent place to showcase how trade education should be promoted. We intend to submit an application for Poland to host EuroSkills competition soon.

These young people are more ambitious than ever and we wish them luck in the competition and in their future careers.

Izabela Laskowska | Technical Delegate

Director, Office for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, the Foundation for the Development of the Education System.

Young people who make intensive preparations for participation in the skills competition in Kazan follow training prepared in cooperation with employers’ representatives, which resembles sportsmen’s regime. Each competition is a large event modelled after world championships in sports. Lead sponsors, who are renown companies like DMG Mori, Lincoln Electric, Festo, Festool, Autodesk, Siemens and 3M, support young people in their vocational education and training. Sponsors view the competitors as their future employees and promoters of their brands, products and craftsmanship. This unique and prestigious event provides the answer to the question: how to promote vocational education and training? The competition motivates and inspires future generations and makes us realise that skills demonstrated by young competitors guarantee them personal and professional success.

Right now, we are preparing for the WorldSkills competition held in Kazan in August 2019. Next, we will focus on the selection of talented competitors in Euroskills competition to be held in September 2020 in Graz. The subsequent competitions, in which Polish youth will compete are: WorldSkills w Shanghai in 2021 and Euroskills in St. Petersburg in 2022. The WorldSkills and Euroskills serve as an excellent opportunity for the most talented Polish competitors to develop and improve their skills under the supervision of experts and professionals representing Polish and international companies operating in many sectors.


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