About WorldSkills Poland

Polish Ministry of National Education has appointed the Foundation for the Development of the Education System as the coordinator of Poland’s preparations for participation in the WorldSkills and EuroSkills competitions.

FRSE has been assigned the task to select competitors and experts who will represent the country and to organise nation-wide occupational skills competitions in the future forming eliminations for global contests.

Competition rules

WorldSkills International is a global organisation promoting occupational skills, improving the quality of vocational education and training and cooperation with employers in international environment. WorldSkills Europe is the counterpart of Worldskills International for Europe. Competitions organised by WorldSkills International and WorldSkills Europe are accompanied by various presentations, shows, exhibitions, conferences and trade seminars. These are the largest competitions of the kind on the global scale. The WorldSkills competition dates back to 1950. The European version of the competition, i.e. EuroSkills was organised by  WorldSkills Europe for the first time in 2008. Since then, the two competitions are organised each year, alternately. WorldSkills competition is organised each odd year and EuroSkills each even year.

The most talented students, laureates of Olympiads and other trade competitions who are aged 18-25 (EuroSkills) and 18-22 (WorldSkills) can be selected for the competition. Each country can nominate only one competitor/team to a competition in a given edition.

The competitions are held in six occupational areas

Information and Communication Technology

Manufacturing and Engineering Technology

Construction and Building Technology

Transportation and Logistics

Social and Personal Services

Creative Arts and Fashion

Moreover, apart from official competitions, organisers provide for demonstration competitions, junior competitions, and these devoted to the competitions of the future.

WorldSkills Shanghai 2022

Shanghai will be the skills capital of the world when the city hosts the 46th WorldSkills Competition.

EuroSkills - Graz 2021

The next edition of the EuroSkills will take place in Graz between 23 and 25 September 2021.

WorldSkills - Kazań 2019

The 45th WorldSkills Competition will be held at the KAZAN EXPO in August 2019.

EuroSkills - Budapeszt 2018

EuroSkills 2018 was held on 25-29 September in Budapest, Hungary. 


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